January 26, 2024
Two candles and an almost endless playground for La 6e période

A leap forward: it’s a movement of advancing, a dynamic energy that propels us toward accomplishment. Thanks to what we learned from the pilot project of La 6e période in 2021–22 and its extraordinary results, we took a decisive leap forward in 2022–23. We implemented an ambitious strategic growth plan and brought the benefits of our flagship program to more public elementary schools in more Québec regions, to respond to communities’ pressing – and constantly expanding – needs.

This last year at the LDT Foundation was marked by growth – growth in the number of young participants and in reinforcing our team of permanent, animation, and coordination staff; in broadening our portfolio of activities; in extending our family of donors; and in the obvious enthusiasm shown for us by the schools, the kids, and people in general.

We can proudly state that our cause has joined the major leagues. Today, we are strong and well supported enough that we can implement our very first major campaign in our short history – a truly exciting step that is just around the corner! In fact, we are extremely grateful to have ten members of the business community joining us to be generously involved in our new campaign committee. Their expertise, vision, and networks will be key to encouraging communities to support the Foundation.

Together, we have built and are continuing to refine the program of extracurricular activities in art and sports that we’re dreaming of providing to every child. In our future is broader deployment of La 6e période, in order to have an even greater influence on the school careers of even more young people across Québec.

More than ever, the importance of a program that combines art and sports to foster educational success is obvious. You’ll see it in the pages of this annual impact report through eloquent personal stories. We hope that each of these accounts, as well as the entirety of the achievements presented here, will make you feel very proud.

And that’s because you’re the ones who are the strength behind our leap forward – and behind the smiles on the faces of the young people who find motivation, confidence, or simply pleasure spending time in school thanks to La 6e période.

Our mission has just begun!

Florence-Agathe Dubé-Moreau & Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, Co-presidents