Inspire young people to persevere

« How was your day at school? »
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Our children rarely respond to this question with a spark in their eyes. Many feel burned out, unmotivated and withdrawn. Some may even drop out entirely.

In fact, Quebec has seen about 10,000 students drop out of school. Furthermore, 1 in 7 students will not graduate from high school.

Despite their best efforts, schools require additional support.

Encourage educational


Art and sport encourage students to keep trying, even when their motivation is low.

Children develop confidence and skills that will serve them throughout their lives – long after the last school bell rings.

There is more to educational success than stickers on a report card.

  • You can  see it on their faces when they come home smiling.

  • You can  hear it in phrases like « I can do it» and «I’m good at this. »

  • You can  feel it when a weight is lifted off their shoulders.

I want to encourage educational success

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We empowers students to persevere

It has been shown that young people who participate in extracurricular activities have a 70% lower chance of dropping out.

That’s why we created The 6th period. The program is unique in Quebec as it combines art and sports with varied activities such as kids tennis, cardio jam, photographic collages, and living sculptures.

The 6th period fills empty time slots in order to revitalize idle time and motivate 5th and 6th-grade elementary school students.

Students don’t drop out of school overnight. They should be encouraged to persevere from an early age.

Support the Foundation

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« She shows more perseverance when tackling math assignments. »

My daughter has made great progress since participating in The 6th period. It motivates and inspires her. She shows more perseverance when tackling math assignments. She even motivates me! I recently took a difficult course and contemplated giving up halfway through. My daughter said to me, “Keep going, Dad. Don’t give up.” The 6th period has allowed her to develop her personality and become more creative in solving everyday problems. I’m proud of her!

Jagdeep Singh Batth Father of an elementary school student in 6th grade
The 6th period offers:
Original creative activities and sports

To develop skills essential to young people’s educational success

An annual 12-week program

To have a lasting impact

A free, turnkey service

To make art and sports accessible to students from all backgrounds

students have participated in The 6th period program
schools in 8 regions of Quebec benefit from the program
people host and coordinate the program

« I see students who aren’t afraid to try new things »

Before, there were very few extracurricular activities available. This is the first time we’ve offered a program like The 6th period that is equally rich and diverse. I see students who aren’t afraid to try new things. They’re willing to participate even if it’s outside their comfort zone. They go the distance. The 6th period helps students recognize their capabilities, and encourages them to persevere in other areas. The program gives them a boost and helps them grow.

Kathleen Martin Principal, Marcel-Vaillancourt Elementary School
Give them the motivation

To go all the way. Not only to complete their education, but also to realize their full potential, ambitions, and dreams.

With your donation, we will be able to offer The 6th period to schools throughout the province, as well as develop new programs for young people.

With each $90, three children are able to participate in an hour-long art and sports workshop, which amounts to $30 per child.

Donate to the youth

«We make them eager to learn. »

I donated to the Foundation because of its unique approach to inspiring youth through art and sports. By broadening their horizons, we spark their intellectual curiosity. It’s hard to predict where it will lead them, but their excitement can renew their interest to push forward. We make them eager to learn. For many students, that is what is lacking.

Carmen Lamarche Grandmother and generous donor
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