September 5, 2023
We’re getting a new look!

The LDT Foundation has undertaken a strategic repositioning and the development of a new brand platform to support its growth and programs.

“Through this repositioning, we will be able to reaffirm what the Foundation does, for whom it is intended, and for what purpose. We are ready and proud to introduce our program, The 6th period, to the entire population!” – Marie-Christine Boucher, LDT Foundation Executive director.

Art and sports as a playing field that contributes to the educational success of our youth

This new slogan positions art and sports as crucial catalysts for the development of children. The phrase “playing field” provides a playful and creative framework for the Foundation’s mission.


Our brand platform has been redesigned to reflect our values

The 6th period, our new extracurricular program, now has its own visual identity. With its negative space, the “6” resembles an athletic track, a nod to sports as well as the educational journey young individuals will embark on until they reach adulthood. The segmented lines echo those painted in schoolyards. The central circle represents the youth, who are the focus of our work. The three colors represent sports, art, and educational success, now firmly rooted at the heart of the Foundation’s mission. A primary color scheme was selected in honor of primary school students, the target audience for the 6th period. They are vibrant and inspire action.

Additionally, the Foundation’s brand platform has been modernized to highlight its diversity, variety, and creativity. Several graphic elements, such as arrows and icons, have been updated to depict the playing field that art and sports provide and demonstrate the support that the LDT Foundation offers to youth.


A new dynamic website that places The 6th period at the center of the experience

The new website has been developed to promote the 6th period, highlight the Foundation’s purpose, and encourage action and donor retention. A new section devoted to the Foundation’s news will provide the community with insights into how our actions make a tangible impact on young people.


A renowned artist behind the lens

In May, Martin Girard from Shoot Studio visited schools to capture the beautiful moments that were shared by the young participants of The 6th period. Whether static or in motion, all the images on our new brand platform convey the emotions experienced on the field by both the participants and the Foundation’s facilitators.


Thank you to all the incredibly talented individuals who contributed with great generosity to this monumental endeavor!

  • Project management: Florence-Agathe Dubé-Moreau, Marie-Christine Boucher, Julie Assaly-Gauthier
  • Strategy: Cartier
  • Art direction: Cartier and Jean-Michel Tardif
  • Website design: Minimal
  • Photography: Martin Girard – Shoot Studio
  • Writing: Maude Alie, Charles Saliba-Couture
  • Editing: Amélie Hamel
  • Translation: Kathe Roth, Catherine Trollope

*The Foundation’s brand was designed by David Beauchemin in 2017.